Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

From Twitter 09-20-2010

  • 06:36:41: @MolotovCupcake Getting a head start on Halloween? I kinda want one now! XD
  • 06:53:22: @Cyclophile 3DTVs are far from affordable, at least in my country, I don't even know anybody who owns one!
  • 11:41:34: Is it me or will you babies not even bother watching a FREE video review unless it that has the production values of a Hollywood movie? ¬_¬
  • 14:41:16: Is 40€ for the Limited Edition of Red Dead Redeption a good deal? :|
  • 19:19:51: I ordered Troll 2 for Halloween... OOOOOH MY GOOOOOOOOOD!
  • 21:54:41: This music video needs MOAR PUPPEHS! http://youtu.be/nHlJODYBLKs
  • 22:07:34: @toblix Is that... a giant fish eye?
  • 22:13:28: @toblix But you might need it for quest! You know how they keep asking for 10 of a random critter's organs and bits! D:
  • 22:19:21: @dcorsetto I can access the site perfectly with my iPhone 3G?
  • 22:20:59: @Southworth See, you ARE being too cynical, the world is just a LUKEWARM pot of goose shit.... and the goose is on a healthy fiber diet! :3
  • 22:32:13: In today's Pun Dungeon we meet the ant army! http://bit.ly/9LLdjb

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