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For the Horde!

I had my first Warcraft raid this weekend! What is a raid you ask? It's when you great a extremely large group and attack an enemy village or town and try to hold it for as long as possible...

I'd hate to admit it, but it was exciting! Too bad our leader was inexperienced, he led us to town which could get back up way to easily, but it was fun until they back ups came...

For a moment I was completely alone, and surrounded! Fortunately the "flag" which meant war was off, so they couldn't attack me if I didn't attack them, and I'm certainly not THAT stupid!

I finally did the Wailing Caverns on my 3rd try... The two first teams I went in with quit, and the third...

Man, I could swear they were on drugs or booze, or just bloody stupid, they laughed, joked, and prodded each other every five seconds, I think they just discovered how to make a macro and were having fun, but 2 hours od continuous LOLing annoys the best of us... And yet...

They rushed in, they were careless, but they got the job done! They actually followed my orders when I told them to, and didn't quit till it was over, my only regret is running out of explosive sheep...
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