Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

From Twitter 09-16-2010

  • 06:49:08: What starts with an "E", ends with an "E" and has one letter in it? #RIDDLEMETHIS
  • 06:54:31: @WesleyC Unless junk mail is banned in America, it's impossible for a kid to not have seen one? XP
  • 06:54:56: @Cyclophile DING DING! Correct! :3
  • 12:09:33: I just realized I have an Umbrella that looks like the Umbrella logo! XD
  • 12:20:20: Did I tell you the work they are doing in the plaza outside? Well, they are going to name the plaza after a futbol player.... :|
  • 13:28:06: @nek0 Iker Casillas?
  • 13:29:56: Sweet Mother of Mothra?! Did I just get an S Rank In Resident Evil 5: Lost in Nightmares? 8O
  • 13:30:52: The mansion part in the beginning is awesome, it knows what you're thinking and plays you like a fiddle! XD
  • 18:41:54: Why did nobody tell me about the most marvelously magnificent meme of all time... PUN COON! http://youtu.be/hafph-cfyJg
  • 21:45:05: The New Indie Love Bundle appears! <3 http://www.theindiebundle.com/
  • 22:02:43: @toblix The GPS is just a hallucination caused by the main character's brain tumor. It's just blind luck that it's accurate!
  • 22:14:26: @toblix Aw, man! I had completely forgotten about the crazy Driv4r game! He must be a relative! XD
  • 22:31:18: I entered ten of my Pixel Puns into a pun contest to see if I could win, but... no pun in ten did! :B
  • 22:51:49: @EmmyCic In a roller derby of doom? Or hamsters.. either is fine!
  • 23:40:35: In today's Pun Dungeon we go where no other pun has gone before! http://bit.ly/anmD4B

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