Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

From Twitter 09-14-2010

  • 00:14:07: Pun Dungeon: What’s bugging her about bugs? http://www.pixel-pandemonium.com/?p=3228
  • 12:07:57: RT @gmcalpin: Africans are pure homo sapiens; Europeans and Asians tainted with Neanderthal DNA by pervert ancestors - http://nyti.ms/a7R4i8
  • 12:15:32: I wonder how this news will affect racism? Although I doubt any racists will believe it... And how will this affect racists from Africa?
  • 14:40:10: @MarzGurlProd Man, it looks like everybody is going to London MCM! Too bad I can't save enough money to go there in so little time! D:
  • 14:47:08: @reneengstrom That is the most delicious level.. I mean cake I've seen! <3
  • 16:42:58: I know I rarely use Facebook, but it looks like know "friending" people is now simply "liking" them? But isn't that also the "thumbs up"?
  • 16:45:05: And speaking of social networking, someone said Twitter was going the way of MySpace... Are you kidding me? XP
  • 16:49:34: @StephenRL I never care if someone hates something if they are being rational about it? *shrugs*
  • 16:59:44: Cleaning your ears too much is bad for you, right? I cleaned my ears twice today because they felt itchy... it just hit me why... Oopsie? D:
  • 17:01:16: @HannahMinx Ha ha, you are the emoticon champion! (^_^)-b
  • 21:10:02: A game from my country that isn't a terrible adventure game? Count me it! NyxQuest: Kindred Spirits http://bit.ly/9FGB4N
  • 21:14:25: Jolly Rover, it's a game with PUPPEH pirates what more do you want? :3 http://bit.ly/bWFGhV (Oh, and it's on sale! )
  • 22:30:40: @MarzGurlProd I don't know any "gamer girls", just girls that are gamers...
  • 22:34:40: @AmyLukima I'd wear it! And then I'd get stoned to death by every other male in city... T_T
  • 23:33:19: @MolotovCupcake The ending of this action game is actually touching? 8O
  • 23:47:32: @dcorsetto I'm crossing my fingers and hoping they are bear hats! X3

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