Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

From Twitter 09-10-2010

  • 00:43:51: @kyubikitsy Doesn't HD in iPad games mean it's simply made for an iPad screen and not the iPhone which is SD?
  • 00:49:56: I've never uploaded a comic this late before... The fact that I have to wake up and go to work in four hours doesn't make me feel any better
  • 00:56:35: Pun Dungeon: Bee-aver http://bit.ly/cozREn
  • 00:56:57: @kyubikitsy I wouldn't know since I have the now obsolete 3G... T_T
  • 01:12:38: I've been doing my chores and just scored a Helmet of Questionable Appeal - Epic Win! http://bit.ly/ao6xRS
  • 06:29:18: @Cyclophile He may be Spanish, but left Spain as a baby, so he doesn't really count.
  • 09:45:07: @kyubikitsy I read that as MechaKawaii... I never realized they sounded almost the same until now... XP
  • 09:46:27: @dcorsetto I remember her from @bfellis 's older comic! 8D
  • 12:03:11: Jack Keane is simply dreadful, what is it doing in the Adventure Bundle? And I know my bad adventure games! I've played Dare to Dream! T_T
  • 12:04:46: @kyubikitsy I might upgrade if they didn't force you into an expensive data plan... :(
  • 12:17:13: Aha! No wonder Jack Keane is so boring, it's from the same people who made the boring Ankh games! The ankh even makes a cameo! ¬_¬
  • 12:38:09: Jack Keane just reminds me that I never played So Blonde or a Vampyre Story... Probably because they aren't on Steam... :(
  • 13:16:00: The scale at the store was broken... I smacked it and it worked? I thought that only happened in movies? 8O
  • 22:19:07: @thegreenavenger Why are you importing a game that's going to come out in the US? Do you need it that badly? D8
  • 22:25:41: As much as I'm enjoying The Whispered World, I think I see the ending a mile away....
  • 22:31:43: By the way, don't check out the bonus content of that game, it just spoils the game even more! T_T
  • 22:51:29: I might get a figma figure one of these days, but I just can't choose which! D:

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