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Sleeping on the couch?

The workers have started to remodel, and they removed the stairs that connect both floors...

Since the second floor is the one with my computer, the TV, fridge, sofa and other comforts, I decided to sleep on the sofa...

Besides my bed is so old I can barely get any sleep in it anyway, so the sofa might be an improvement!

The dust and other things floating in the air are quite bothersome, my throat is quite sore from breathing this air...

The hole they made is covered so technically I'm all alone in this flat... Woot!

Now they won't wake me up as often when they wake up!

In other news, I think I'll ask for a refund for my faulty graphic card, it's seems to be giving trouble to other people, so I'm not risking it...

I noticed my BLC order was taking a long time to arrive, and when I checked the order it hadn't even been sent yet!

Bummer, I hope it arrives at least in mid-January...

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