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From Twitter 09-08-2010

  • 00:04:57: Pun Dungeon: Pet Door http://bit.ly/aL9x3x
  • 00:23:26: @AmyLukima Wait... seriously? That's amazing AND terrifying! XD
  • 05:56:40: I...I...I just saw a Street Fighter musical where they did a Gaga parody? 8O
  • 15:55:46: Wow.... I've finally found a so bad not even I can finish it! DX
  • 18:10:58: THIS IS AMAZING! A Tick Tock parody with Yuri Han from Super Street Fight IV! RT THIS! http://youtu.be/2Lnk__FimwU <3
  • 18:37:19: @beatonna Happy Birthday! 8D
  • 20:35:20: @tigresaa If you're going to be in NY don't forget to visit the Nintendo Store! 8D
  • 20:36:26: I think I'm in heaven! http://digitalcomicmuseum.com/ <3
  • 20:47:27: @rstevens American cereals have marshmallows in them? I AM SO JEALOUS! DX<
  • 20:49:32: @tigresaa Really? Awesome! I was there only once for MoCCA a few years ago, but I loved it! ^_^;
  • 21:08:10: @nek0 Marshmallow syrup? How does that even work? 8O
  • 21:16:14: @tigresaa Je je, estoy seguro de que te encataria España! X3
  • 21:17:47: Google Instant doesn't work with any rude words... POOH! DX
  • 21:21:45: There should be a Kinsey scale for religion... Atheist, agnostic and religious just don't cut it anymore... :|
  • 21:26:23: Superbabies: Baby Geniuses 2 is cheestacular! So terrible, yet so good! XD
  • 21:28:30: @HappyHarryToons Do Starbarians killing zombies in a space mall?
  • 21:32:03: @GodlessAtheist Oh, but I was thinking on a scale on how you perceive God? 0=Doesn't exist, 10=All powerful, 5= There's something out there?
  • 21:34:26: Let me rephrase that, is there a scale on how you perceive God? 0=No God, 5=There is something out there but not all powerful, 10=All mighty
  • 21:39:38: @thegreenavenger With the Steven Hawkins talk about how God didn't create the Universe, some saying there is proof atheism is the right way.
  • 21:40:42: @thegreenavenger But many religions don't even have a creation "myth" in them and there are Christians that believe in the Big Bang
  • 21:41:25: @thegreenavenger I'm also aware that scale isn't good, that's why I'm asking is there is something better?
  • 21:50:15: .@thegreenavenger I guess you're right, something as serious as your sexuality or religion shouldn't be just a number on a scale.
  • 22:02:02: it sucks to be an European Altus fan, Americans get a pony and a cupacake with their games and Europe gets a kick in the royal jewels.
  • 22:08:20: @goraina Wouldn't the sequel to Smile be the Take Out mini comics? :3
  • 22:17:37: Whenever I hear someone on Twitter asking for a guest strip I see a ton of uber talented cartoonists reply and give up on making my own...):
  • 22:19:27: I just remembered Fanhunter existed and now I need mouthwash... http://www.fanhunter.com/
  • 22:21:04: Fanhunter is the worst pandering ever, it takes place in a world where geek things are outlaws, so geeks are hunted and killed....
  • 22:25:19: Come to think of it, most of Spanish comics are pandering or parodies which is a way of pandering...
  • 22:27:51: The last original Spanish comic artist I remember liking is now working for DC... T_T
  • 22:29:07: @jlist High fructose corn syrup from what I've heard?
  • 22:31:30: @superhappy Is it me or is their pet a Gir knockoff?
  • 22:42:15: Chinese Sitcom Parodies Plants vs. Zombies http://bit.ly/b0VLOJ (Skip to 4:20)
  • 22:52:42: @MagnoliaPearl Opera is Gamera's stepsister! ;P
  • 22:58:40: @MolotovCupcake They just want to hear they didn't waste 60$, that's all... XP
  • 22:58:54: @nachimir Which one? The original or the PSP sequel?
  • 23:03:03: @nachimir Really? The tanks never gave me any trouble And I'm not even uses to playing with tanks?
  • 23:05:25: @nachimir But I'm pretty sure there was a manual save? I remember reloading my turn until I got it perfect?
  • 23:33:12: @HappyHarryToons Can't you just do Starbarians killing space zombies in a mall and appeal to everyone? XD
  • 23:56:41: It's rather sickening that your mobile phone becomes obsolete even before the obligatory data plan runs out.... :|

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