Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

From Twitter 09-06-2010

  • 11:01:20: @MolotovCupcake Is that the one with slime girl with expanding and exploding breasts, "Melona"? XD
  • 14:16:29: I'm about halfway through Garth Nix's Lirael, I like it but... It's so obvious Lirael and Sam will marry and they haven't even met!
  • 14:17:43: Also, they call the soothsayers in this world the "Claire" as is clairvoyant, hur hur! XP
  • 14:38:19: @reneengstrom I had no idea that artist of Archie drew such great pinups! 8O (I should do one of these inspiration memes, too!)
  • 20:48:47: @tigresaa If you pay Scott's late fees at a store in level one you can buy 1UP for 5$, which makes the game much easier! :3
  • 21:01:59: @AWDtwit And what about chip tunes? Do you like those? :3
  • 21:39:39: A few people for looking for a pixel artist last week on Twitter, none of them even bothered to replay to my emails or DMs...T_T
  • 21:41:52: @tigresaa Everything you buy increases your stats a little, the stuff at that specific store increases your stats A LOT! :3
  • 21:46:43: @TheSpoonyOne It's a bit like 4Square and it tweets when you get one? It even gives you an achievement if you tweet enough about it! XD
  • 21:51:36: @shaenongarrity 48 years of living... an angel in disguise! I loved that song! X3 http://youtu.be/aDsoN48HI54
  • 21:54:15: @AmyLukima It's probably because of the liquid inside? It could be liquid nitrogen or the T virus! XD
  • 21:59:53: I earned the Silver level of the Flash 80 badge using Audible for iPhone. Want yours? http://bit.ly/adblapp #audible
  • 22:12:28: @AWDtwit My stomach feels like that almost all the time, but I have a few stomach conditions... XP
  • 22:14:54: Jabba The Hut has gotten rather adorable! XD http://bit.ly/aD9apD
  • 22:42:25: @peprally Did something happen in the world of webcomics? D:
  • 22:58:27: @nek0 A uno ya lo contacte y no respondio... :(
  • 23:30:02: @tigresaa Yep, I even have the boxes for some games I don't even own anymore! (They were borrowed and never returned)
  • 23:30:22: @poisonrational *healing hug* <3
  • 23:59:06: Pun Dungeon: Busboy http://www.pixel-pandemonium.com/?p=3211

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