Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

From Twitter 09-02-2010

  • 00:43:09: Pun Dungeon: Pops http://www.pixel-pandemonium.com/?p=3198
  • 06:15:19: Why didn't I think of making lists on TweetDeck before? It's better than creating several accounts! One for friends, one for podcasts, etc..
  • 06:58:46: @MolotovCupcake Ha ha, chip tunes music is practically the only kind of music I listen to! Too bad chip tune podcasts are dead... :|
  • 09:34:39: It sucks that Europe only got the download version of Persona 1, I kinda want the soundtrack, but.... I think we're lucky to have the game!
  • 19:23:55: Oh! They're making a roller derby game! Nice! http://bit.ly/d53zvN
  • 19:50:18: @MolotovCupcake What do you mean by cutesy headlines? Headlines with cute puns? Or puns about cuteness to be more exact?
  • 20:44:16: @toblix You wouldn't believe how many 30 sec videos take 2 minutes to load lately...
  • 20:48:11: @MolotovCupcake Then I must warn you I'm very prone to pun... badly! D:
  • 20:54:00: I'm kinda disappointed to find out this Arcade Fire everybody is talking about has nothing to do with arcades... :(
  • 22:42:51: ..... I think I just spent 40 minutes watching old cartoon intros.... D:
  • 23:41:55: A hunter "Blanks" a bear Tipp-ex ad is awesome! http://bit.ly/ciVrPU

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