Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

From Twitter 08-25-2010

  • 09:11:12: I dreamt of the medieval time where a slave that looked like a zombie was bought, they gave him a bath and all of the sudden we're in (1/2)
  • 09:12:55: ...a sci-fi world and Luke and Han Solo are being emo in the baths with the slave who now a tiny alien who started a riot with them....
  • 09:15:49: @jlist Why would we grumble over our Euro coins?
  • 11:31:35: Super Quickhook has me hooked! X3
  • 11:50:28: @eruditebaboon What's your mildly disturbing mameshiba fact? XD
  • 13:20:46: Super Quickhook doesn't have the charm of the Hook Champ, it's also shorter... :(
  • 13:59:50: Ha ha, I had no idea Shank and the Scott Pilgrim would come out the same day on XBLA! Double brawler awesomeness!
  • 14:12:40: HOLY #$%! Shank is a 2G download? It's going to take more time to download than to beat! XD
  • 14:18:33: Come to think of it, it sucks that Shank and Scott Pilgrim came out the same week, people will choose only one and forget about the other.
  • 21:20:53: @James_LRR That's a thought question, Shank is very "badass", but Scott Pilgrim is a must from retro brawler fans!
  • 21:21:41: @AmyLukima Snooki sounds like a Pokémon name! XD
  • 21:24:17: @tigresaa I myself only consider a game complete if I unlocked everything or got every ending and "Master" is your own challenge?
  • 21:25:46: @tigresaa I'm pretty OCD with my backlog, so that site is pretty useful for me, you could make your own database if you want?
  • 21:29:07: RT @edgarwright: Okay. I thought Scott Pilgrim Vs The Matrix was the best trailer mash up yet. I was wrong. http://tinyurl.com/2vulp9g
  • 21:31:13: @tigresaa If it's going yo stress you then, no, don't make a list, but maybe you should check in case you have an awesome game unplayed? ^^;
  • 21:57:05: @tigresaa You don't have anything older then?
  • 22:05:11: @tigresaa If they are that old, you could emulate? Only Dreamcast and PS2 games look decent on modern monitors, the rest look too blurry. ):
  • 22:13:06: @tigresaa Not to mention that games back then weren't 60 hours long! XD
  • 22:20:30: Is it me or is Tumblr 90% "F*ckyeah(insert thing here)"?
  • 23:20:31: @AWDtwit Wait, the fans get angry at Sega for making a 2.5D Sonic, this guy does the same thing and people love him?
  • 23:21:13: @AWDtwit I know this one looks 100 times better, but still, Sonic fans make no sense!
  • 23:46:10: Maximum Fun #33 http://www.pixel-pandemonium.com/?p=3183
  • 23:59:02: @MolotovCupcake Political correctness hasn't banned Halloween in America yet? :P

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