Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

From Twitter 08-21-2010

  • 00:11:23: @Yamino I saw your Evolution of Gaga featured at ROFL Razzi! http://bit.ly/bSsWq3 8D
  • 08:50:09: I dreamt I was a teacher for... Power Ranger bad guys? One of them became a giant and I complained he wasn't efficient enough at destruction
  • 10:05:42: Before the podcast Idle Thumbs was just a bunch of Lucasarts fanboys, now we have people who have never played Monkey Island...
  • 11:11:50: I've eaten a salad every other day? Wow! That's new for me! Are they still healthy if you bought them at a store? XD
  • 12:03:41: @nek0 But Caesar salad dressing is so hard to make! D:
  • 13:52:14: This is the standard cover for a Spanish game back in the cassette days.... (NSFW) http://bit.ly/a3a9y1 XD
  • 13:53:10: Of course... 90% of our covers were done by Azpiri who did kid stories and... lots and lots of pr0n comics! XP
  • 14:21:59: @nek0 Huh? I checked the recipe only and it's nothing like the one mom does! It does look easy enough! XD
  • 14:34:25: I've been doing my chores and just scored a Hot Blast of Warm Fire - Epic Win! www.EpicWinApp.com
  • 14:38:30: @nek0 Does salad dressing last long? I could make a big batch... but I think dad hates salad dressing... :(
  • 15:53:04: REAL Wacky Races http://youtu.be/-fpaJLEUwb0
  • 16:47:19: It kinda sucks that the Scott Pilgrim game is based on Scott Pilgrim, because it seems SP is so polarizing that many won't touch the game...
  • 17:43:25: @nek0 How many different recipes can Caesar Salad dressing have?
  • 18:04:45: @rhondalicious Shouldn't a garage sale have more than one person anyway?
  • 18:12:17: YOU DID THIS! http://www.pixel-pandemonium.com/?p=3173
  • 20:28:09: @FB_BMB Twilight fans are also to blame for barbified monster dolls... http://bit.ly/9PjJh5
  • 20:28:44: The pepper shaker's lid broke off over the meat... it's like something out of a bad comedy... D:
  • 22:15:03: @svhernandez I scraped most of it off.. Oddly enough it tasted too bland! Maybe I scraped too much off! XD

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