Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

From Twitter 08-20-2010

  • 09:34:39: YES! New 8-Bit Pwny Club! http://bit.ly/aHBDnk
  • 17:31:41: Has anybody played Alan Wake's The Signal? I'm close to the ending of the normal game and I'm wondering if I should bother with it...
  • 19:33:35: Alan Wake beaten... It's more Twin Peaks than survival horror.... I don't think I'll bother with the Signal unless someone vouches for it...
  • 19:36:29: Wow.... That Guy With The Glasses hasn't updated today, is something wrong? D:
  • 20:10:17: @JessFink Those are the covers I got from the UK ones, but the original cover artist died in 2001, so they had to change the cover artist?
  • 20:11:04: @JessFink This site seems to have all the cover of all the versions? http://bit.ly/c4E3Et
  • 20:18:29: WHAAA?!?! Persona 1 is on PSN?! I kinda want the physical version though since it will have more goodies though... :(
  • 21:37:34: This is how Greek statues really looked? http://bit.ly/cE6mky They look better now!
  • 21:57:38: @tigresaa *obligatory "Where is game "X"? It obviously deserves to be on this list that you, not me, made" comment* XP
  • 22:10:15: @tigresaa Ah, gamers can be so delightfully predictable! XD
  • 22:35:19: Yo momma's hitbox so big it needs two levels to fit in! #BURN
  • 22:59:23: @RosaBlackwell Do you get a lot of people replying "Well I'm well done!" to that? XP
  • 23:06:42: @dcorsetto Isn't he one of Hazel's old failed dates? Jim?
  • 23:11:47: Maximum Fun #30 http://bit.ly/aLx2W6
  • 23:13:17: @Lea_Hernandez What's wrong with it? Doesn't Heatcliff like tuna? Or is this some sort of double entendre?
  • 23:28:36: @Lea_Hernandez Is there anything that isn't a double entendre nowadays? Did I just say something naughty unwillingly in this tweet? D:

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