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From Twitter 08-19-2010

  • 00:55:47: RT @poisonrational: Having a liquidation sale. Almost everything is 50-70% off! http://www.tinyurl.com/pi-liquid Please RT!
  • 01:27:24: @MolotovCupcake I'm pretty sure Square's first game was a racer on the NES and Chocobo Tales on the DS was minigames.
  • 01:38:15: I don't care about Asterix THAT much, but I still find this kinda upsetting.... http://bit.ly/9jaFRv
  • 01:54:19: @MolotovCupcake DOA Paradise? Seriously? XD
  • 09:10:25: @dcorsetto Congratulations! <3
  • 09:17:17: You get to play as a rainbow unicorn in the upcoming Costume Quest? SOLD! <3
  • 09:42:41: Everybody keeps mentioning they're playing SC2, I keep thinking they're playing Soul Calibur 2 and not StarCraft II... XP
  • 10:36:20: I kinda wish we had Totino's in my country, I'm curious on how a pizza roll tastes like! X3
  • 13:21:15: All games that want you to replay them should have something new when you replay them, a better weapon, better armor... ANYTHING!
  • 13:22:10: OMG! THE EPIC WIN APP IS OUT! http://www.epicwinapp.com/
  • 13:38:17: Dang... You have to pay to get the avatars in EPIC WIN APP? Sneaky! XP
  • 13:40:12: @jchutchins Is that more than an actual physical comic issue?
  • 14:01:15: I really wish the iPhone had a way to tell you how long the syncing is going to take... :(
  • 14:15:27: I think EpicWin is killing my iPhone, it's sluggish as hell since I installed it! D:
  • 14:39:06: I must be unlucky because I seem to be getting every bug and glitch @epicwinapp has to offer... I haven't been able to do anything with it!
  • 14:51:39: @epicwinapp freezes when I try to add a new task, so I really can't use it at all! D:
  • 15:10:52: Uh oh... other apps have stopped working since I installed @epicwinapp... Now what do I do? D:
  • 15:42:17: @realnoyb Everybody else seems to think it's the best app ever! XP
  • 16:21:38: My iPhone has stopped working properly... and Apple is asking for 29$ just to be allowed to fixed it? What the..!?!
  • 16:23:27: I think I'll have to use the "Reset all settings" options, but that will delete ALL my game data, right? D:
  • 16:44:10: Ok, I finally got the @epicwinapp working perfectly! HUZZAH!
  • 16:54:20: If there is one thing that I learnt today is that the people behind @epicwinapp are awesome and very supportive! HUZZAH! X3
  • 16:56:52: The only problem is... I can't think of daily tasks I should add? Brushing my teeth... doing pixel art... uh... what else?
  • 17:33:39: Thunder! Thunder! Thunderstorm! HOOOOOO!
  • 17:49:05: Yikes! The thunderstorm is making the lights flicker, I'm switching the PC off! DX
  • 19:14:04: @nek0 Ahora que termino la tormenta ha dejado de pasar.
  • 19:40:33: I've been doing my chores and just scored a Flask of Soured Cat's Milk - Epic Win! www.EpicWinApp.com
  • 20:30:35: Whoa! This street performer is AMAZING! http://youtu.be/CtztrcGkCBw
  • 20:35:37: These guys don't seems to know that horror and survival horror aren't the same thing.... http://bit.ly/bC7MUI
  • 20:36:21: @thegreatlukeski Easy! Captain N!
  • 22:10:23: @Tally_LRR Worst case scenario their Twitter page will link to their site with their contact info? ^_^;
  • 22:22:21: This trailer for Catherine is disturbingly, yet sexy? It also has rams with ties! http://youtu.be/oqPeYTx02G8
  • 23:04:56: Maximum Fun #29 http://bit.ly/bbyuMe

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