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KONG! (beatschest)

YAY! I finallt saw King Kong and it was SOO worth it!

It seems hard to believe it lasted about 3 hours!

Also, I got a plush kong at the cinema!

Oh, I nearly forgot! I saw a cage with a "Rat-monkey from Sumtra" label on it! A wink to one of his first movies! YAY!

I was always expecting to see one in The Lords of the Rings, and now his finally done it!

And at the mall I got me a PC repairing toolkit and a few games...

Apparently once again my father exagerrated and tomorrow I DO have work, but I won't have to wake up early and it won't even be that hard...

My stomach still hurts like hell though...

I can't wait for my graphic card to arrive so I finally use the kit I got today and the headlight I got the other day...

Even though moving boxes for hours was tiring, my only complaint for today is that yet again I didn't get to eat at that American restaurant where they serve Philly Cheese Stake!

But I know I will eventually!

... I hope....

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