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From Twitter 08-17-2010

  • 09:01:45: @Cyclophile The news is already saying that some factories are suffering because their workers are getting payed more...
  • 09:02:23: @Cyclophile China became so powerful because it's the cheapest place to get something done, but st this rate it won't be for long?
  • 09:03:21: @nickbreckon I kinda wish I hadn't sold my GameCube version and bought the Wii Trilogy, I can't stand Metroid with motion controls... :(
  • 09:23:06: OMG! OMG! The Final Fantasy VI opera with a real orchestra and singers?!?! HUZZAH! <3 http://youtu.be/36TdZx8VgbA
  • 09:30:49: 8-bit YouTube Classics (needs to be smoother, kinda sloppy?) http://youtu.be/COzl8xkqmJI
  • 09:44:03: The water is coming out yellow/brownish... I guess it's from the workers outside? I wonder if it's safe to do the laundry like this? ):
  • 09:57:53: It's sad that now that games can handle a babillion colors on screen we only get muddy tones... BLUE SKY IN GAMES!
  • 10:14:08: @ysbreker Oh! You're right! Now we only have 99% of games with shades of brown!
  • 10:39:20: @ysbreker Too bad I'm dreadful at driving games... :(
  • 10:48:25: @zaphky Sale la semana que viene en UK y seguro que para antes de Diciembre esta en DVD!
  • 10:56:31: @zaphky Si, toda Europa tiene la misma region de DVD, casi todos los DVDs que tengo son de UK! :3
  • 11:07:36: @zaphky http://www.play.com/ Y http://www.thehut.com/ tienen DVDs muy baratos y envian a España gratis o por 1.5€! :3
  • 14:44:05: To the shmup fans out there, do they only make bullet hell ones now? I want my classic styled ones, dammit! DX<
  • 20:51:39: The will be a new Ratchet & Clank game next year! YAY! It's MULTIPLAYER?! NOOO! Also, it has no naughtiness in the name? T_T
  • 20:59:12: @omaketheater Yes, I know that it's really peaches, but she does look naked in the ads and people can't tell unless they click.
  • 21:09:42: @omaketheater Yes, it's perfect to attract the right kind of crowd, but those who don't click will think it's just a smutty cheesecake comic
  • 21:22:04: My Twifficiency score is 47%. Whats yours? http://twifficiency.com/
  • 21:22:37: @StudioJFISH That site looks a bit trollish to me... :(
  • 21:24:08: If what Douglas Adams said was right, I should start hating new technology by now.. I only have motion controls, which everybody hates?
  • 21:28:59: @jlist That's ridiculous, we use the web to access the content they claim is "killing the web"!
  • 21:32:47: These new PSP ads are picking on iPhone games... I kinda agree, while I don't regret buying an iPhone I only play it when I get free games..
  • 21:33:57: ...I'd hate to admit it, but the iPhone is not that great platform for games. The average flash game is better or....
  • 21:34:42: ..It's a OK 3D game that you wish was another platform and didn't have touch controls.... and wasn't so damn short!
  • 21:41:50: Ray Bradbury gets all chicks! (Warning: Strong language!) http://youtu.be/e1IxOS4VzKM
  • 21:46:53: @kawaiinot Ha ha, I was wearing a @rstevens shirt yesterday! XD
  • 22:02:14: I hate it when "semi-bots" follow me when I mention things that interests them... and they don't bother to figure out I'm against them... :(
  • 22:03:16: What I mean is that you can say "I hate "X"" and "Xfan666" will follow because you said "X"... :|
  • 22:04:39: @kawaiinot But I'm not as cute! XD
  • 22:28:45: @rosalarian @Yamino They have different people "running" each section in DA, the pixel mod might be OK, but the photo one might be a prude?
  • 22:40:05: @Yamino Actually I think most of the naked DD are in the photography section?
  • 22:44:31: @Yamino I'm pretty sure the photo mods are more "nude friendly", although none of the photographers I follow post nudes, so I don't know?
  • 23:20:06: Maximum Fun #27 http://www.pixel-pandemonium.com/?p=3165

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