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From Twitter 08-16-2010

  • 09:21:29: *dies of cute overload* http://bit.ly/bSgk9U
  • 10:22:05: @Iron_Spike I'm pretty sure sack people existed before Little Big Planet or 9, isn't Oogie Boogie from Nightmare before Xmas a sack of bugs?
  • 10:50:52: I went over budget ONE CENT while shopping for food, wanna guess if they forgave the cent? #THEANSWERISNO
  • 12:38:42: Michigan: Report from Hell is interesting. It's a survival horror game where you're the cameraman of a TV crew and you can either... (1/2)
  • 12:40:09: ...be a jerk and let people die to get a scoop, save them or ever be a perv and film their underpants (Seriously, you get erotic points!)
  • 12:50:04: Did I mention it's voice acting is Resident Evil 1 "good"? <3
  • 14:21:31: I love bad horror films where they really isn't blood and the violence is off screen. Specially when they exaggerate the title! XD
  • 14:22:37: I'm watching a movie called "Woodchipper Massacre" and they only killed two people in it... It's a glorious train wreck! XD
  • 16:59:06: Apparently for beating Michigan: Report from Hell... you get to see the reporter you saved pose in a bikini.... UGH! ¬_¬
  • 17:41:11: @pcweenies I thought I was the only one who was bothered by that!
  • 17:43:02: I've been complaining about half naked banner ads for ages and get ignored, but a famous cartoonists complains and everybody listens? ¬_¬
  • 17:45:14: I even made a comic complaining about those ads.... http://bit.ly/cf4QOb
  • 17:49:15: What the..?! In Pinocchio 2002 they changed the whale into a shark? It had a big fin and sharp teeth... ARGH! DX
  • 17:57:49: @Cyclophile To the comic? I just linked to it! Or are you talking about Pinocchio 2002?
  • 18:01:33: @poisonrational It's one of the worst movies with a high production value I've seen, at least it's kinda funny bad? And the visuals are nice
  • 18:06:09: By the way, if this guy did his homework he'd know that all these sites that use that tactic lie and have no naughtiness! #JOURNALISM
  • 18:08:59: By the way, I check ALMOST EVERY comic add, but I already said that last time I talked about this... ¬_¬
  • 18:10:03: And yes, I am being a bit of baby, but I believe I'm allowed to in this kind of situation... :|
  • 19:26:18: @Cyclophile http://bit.ly/cf4QOb
  • 20:17:40: Best YouTube Channel ever? http://www.youtube.com/user/TheWorstMoviesEver#p/p <3
  • 20:39:51: @StudioJFISH Ha ha, that was an epic page! X3
  • 20:52:16: @surlyqueen OMG! THOSE ARE AMAZING! I WANT 30! XD
  • 21:35:00: @Cyclophile Oh, you mean the ads? The Wayward Sons ads on the right here is one of them. http://bit.ly/ca5Bf2
  • 21:39:06: @Cyclophile Between Failuers and Omake Theater are others, but I can't find ads from them right now.
  • 21:41:33: Should I be worried that China is the 2nd ind world economic power? D:
  • 21:44:16: I mean nothing good can come from a tyranny having so much power, right? :(
  • 22:40:24: Maximum Fun #26 http://bit.ly/d3rcyS
  • 22:53:33: I wonder how Scott Pilgrim will do in Spain? Most Spanish fanboys are into pirating, so I'll assume most of them will pirate it? :(
  • 23:44:05: @James_LRR Please, Atlantis has been to death, find Shangri-La! It has slightly less visitors and is less wet!

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