Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

From Twitter 08-15-2010

  • 00:00:43: I'm beginning to wonder if the dentist messed up the tartar removal... can you mess up such a procedure?
  • 09:12:24: @nek0 Los ultimos cupcakes que comprastes eran muy normalitos? O al menos eso es lo que recuerdo que me dijistes?
  • 09:13:34: @surlyqueen YAY! That's the perfect reaction to sparklepugs! XD
  • 10:14:55: @nek0 Ah, lo del dentista? Porque al final de la primera sesion tenia los dientes normales y al final de la segunda tengo el boquete?
  • 16:13:10: @Cyclophile You mean the teeth thing? My teeth looks find after the first cleaning, and I got a big gap between my incisors after the second
  • 18:06:23: @Cyclophile Unless tartar can replace that part that was previous tooth I doubt it, the gap is too big?
  • 19:14:20: @nek0 A no ser que el sarro to come los dientes no tenga sentido que tenga tanto espacio entre los dientes?
  • 19:31:13: @EverTomorrow Congats! :3
  • 20:02:58: I hate when a good game doesn't get a guide... I want to 100% it, but I can't do it without help! D:
  • 20:31:16: So the jocks beat the nerds even in box office? That's a shame... :(
  • 20:54:30: @nek0 Te aseguro que antes no tenia tanto entre los dientes, pero que se le va a hacer?
  • 20:59:04: Another side effect from the cleaning is the my teeth hurt... But apparently that's normal specially when they have to do serious cleaning?
  • 20:59:54: @Cyclophile It's not like they moved, it's like a bit of the bottom got eroded away?
  • 22:15:50: @RamuneIgasu Ooh! The demo is out? Sweet! X3
  • 22:36:57: Once again, I was hungry a second ago and now I never want to eat again.... T_T
  • 22:46:16: Kitchen Kaos 180: Idle Idol http://www.pixel-pandemonium.com/?p=3161
  • 23:08:11: You know what I miss? Anvils dropping on toons!
  • 23:10:44: I'm confused now, is the Scott Pilgrim movie bombing or is it just not beating Expendables? :|
  • 23:18:13: Now THAT'S how you serve ice cream.... in the most annoying way possible? XP http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fvUQQF5S4Dg
  • 23:29:28: @caseymckinnon He he, that is awesomely adorable! <3
  • 23:32:45: Sheesh! Game guides are ridiculously expensive! Twenty bucks? Are you kidding me? That's how much I spend on games!
  • 23:44:12: @WesleyC This game is a few years old, and you can get it for less than 20$, the guide's price is the same as it's release date though!

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