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From Twitter 08-13-2010

  • 09:30:12: It looks to me that the people who hated the Scott Pilgrim game don't like or know about brawlers, I've played them all and this one rocks!
  • 14:50:01: @zaphky La verdad, creo que sera mas rapido y mejor pillarse de UK el DVD? :|
  • 15:06:02: @goraina Does it involve a Canadian fighting evil ex-boyfriends? :3
  • 15:06:42: @zaphky Has doblajes buenos? XD
  • 17:25:13: Now that I've had my teeth clean... they better and worse... The tartar is gone, but there is a big gap between my incisors... :(
  • 17:27:19: I kinda don't want to smile anymore.... T_T
  • 17:28:35: It's kinda disgusting to think that that whole gap was tartar though... T_T
  • 20:36:05: @CrowChick A monster high-school? Sounds like every cartoon I watched as a kid! Gravedale High, Aah! Real Monsters and many, many more...
  • 20:43:10: @CrowChick I shouldn't have watched the videos.... they made a monster cartoon like a Barbie/Bratz show? That's so wrong on so many levels!
  • 20:50:38: Why am I watching these when they hurt my soul so much? DX< http://bit.ly/cVblE1
  • 21:03:41: AAAAAH! NO! NO! NO! THIS CAN'T BE REAL! WHAT HAVE THEY DONE! T_T http://bit.ly/aHRvOA
  • 21:08:14: I do believe this is my first nerd rage... Although I feel horrified and confused... :(
  • 21:25:51: @Cyclophile More or less... They "bratified" the classic Hollywood Monsters! T_T
  • 21:27:26: If you saw my face right now you'd think I saw the 2 Girls 1 Cup video... That's the effect this news has had on me! DX<
  • 21:36:11: @whirringblender Prosciutto is just ham over there? It's supposed to to smoked and salty! D:
  • 21:37:17: I blame this Monster High thing on Stephanie Meyer, first she ruined the vampires and now she's ruining ALL monsters! T_T
  • 21:45:54: @whirringblender It should look like this http://bit.ly/aV7NXT and taste like "pork jerky", maybe a bit fatty, but salty too?
  • 22:04:17: @whirringblender Jamón Serrano is cured ham, like prosciutto, the preparation of both of them is almost the same, they look the same to me?
  • 22:18:30: @whirringblender Jamon "Serrano" does has a distinct flavor to it, but have you tried the many different varieties we have here in Spain?
  • 22:19:51: @whirringblender Normal "Jamon" tastes and looks like prosciutto to me, although I only had it once in a London Deli?
  • 22:30:08: @whirringblender If parma ham is anything like Jamon ham, there should be several varieties with different flavors?
  • 22:31:25: @whirringblender Oh! We have something in Spain which is JUST LIKE beef jerky! It's called "cecina"!
  • 22:34:56: @whirringblender Yes, Parma is a prosciutto from Parma and Serrano is Jamon from Serrano?
  • 22:36:01: @whirringblender I think I'm getting confused because people use Serrano to name all types of Jamon and Parma for all types of Prosciutto?
  • 22:44:34: @whirringblender I thought prosciutto was what people called all cured hams in America? I'm pretty sure that's how it started.
  • 22:57:45: @whirringblender Oh, Ok! Sorry for spending the last 30 minutes bothering you with cured ham tweets! XP
  • 23:02:51: @whirringblender Nope! It was fun and educational.. like Carmen Sandiego!
  • 23:07:45: @themonsterhigh is following me on Twitter... I'm dying to make some ghastly puns!
  • 23:17:39: @themonsterhigh Monster High will drive you batty! I expect it to be a howling success!
  • 23:19:56: In @themonsterhigh everybody is drop dead gorgeous! But beware, the minotaur is a bully! XD
  • 23:35:52: @AngryJoeShow The final graphic novel just came out, but the artist has done other comics? I heard there are a few Scott Pilgrim rip-offs?
  • 23:47:47: Maximum Fun #25 http://bit.ly/bKm69o

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