Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

My first "Nerd Rage"? I'm more horrified actually...

Someone on Twitter showed me.... this.... THING!

At first, I thought.. "OOH! Ghoul girls! Nice!" Then I realized that they looked... well... "Bratz-y"? So I watched the cartoons... each one teared my soul and felt like a millions daggers in my heart... But I watched them all, because my brain sees cartoon monsters and can't help itself...

I can't stand the idea of a show where monsters are teen brats.... I don't mind making then teenagers, I don't making them girly or even cute, I even have plush monsters myself, but... these are like monster barbies, which would be OK for a joke, but for real? I can't even... DX<

Then I noticed the site actually did have links to Barbie... OH NO! They didn't... could they? OH MY GOD! NOOOOOO!


Yes, I am aware of the Living Dead dolls, but those are in "nerd stores"... THESE ARE IN TOYS STORES!

Oh why, oh why did they have to "bratify" monsters.... is this Stephanie Meyers fault? Is Twilight now corrupting ALL monsters?

Is this nerd raging? Then why am I so terrified? I guess this is what other felt when they say the last Indiana Jones film... T_T

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