Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

From Twitter 08-11-2010

  • 00:00:51: Maximum Fun #22 http://bit.ly/dcR0E0
  • 09:12:23: It looks like that thing with the "hot piece of ass" who quit her job was a hoax... :(
  • 13:08:20: I'm sorry, I tried to give Metroid Prime Trilogy another chance, but.... I just despise the series... :(
  • 17:56:01: I've been waiting in the dentist's office for over an hour... I wish I didn't have rubbish games on my iPhone...
  • 17:58:33: I wish I had brought my headphones, that way I could at least listen to a podcast or a chiptune.....
  • 18:39:21: I'm finally back from the dentist... I was a good boy and didn't need any extra numbing! The drill sounded a bit like an old game... ^_^;
  • 19:33:46: How come everybody in America is already playing the Scott Pilgrim game? It's not in the European PSN! D:
  • 19:35:54: Steam Pirates, like all Luce Bernand games, looks great but plays like rubbish... The save system alone is a deal breaker...
  • 21:26:47: @Kathleen_LRR I love mini comics! I wish I was in those lucky 20! X3
  • 21:55:31: @lucbernard You are aware that the main complaint about Steam Pirates is the horrid saving system, right?
  • 22:09:21: @lucbernard Woah! I never said it was as bad as Eternity Child, I'm just saying the saving system makes this game unplayable to me.
  • 22:21:49: @Kathleen_LRR I'll you're willing to ship to Europe, I'd be happy to pay for it! :3
  • 23:13:54: @JessFink I remember beating a couple of Tiny Toons games? Were they really that bad? |:
  • 23:20:12: @KentHolle Are we talking bad games, hard games, or both? I is confuzed!
  • 23:59:09: Maximum Fun #23 http://bit.ly/96CCsT

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