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From Twitter 08-08-2010

  • 09:14:49: @Paradisacorbasi That avatar was originally created by this guy: http://bit.ly/94038T
  • 09:16:26: Sheesh! I can't believe NOBODY bothered to tell me whether to go see The Last Airbender or not... ):
  • 09:21:48: Is it me or is Tumblr mostly blogs that try to compete with meme generator sites like ICHC? :|
  • 11:03:12: Twitter is recommending to me webcartoonirts, TGWTG people and Loading Ready Run people.... I don't see why everybody else hates it so much?
  • 11:05:39: It recommends people that your friends follow, so if the list sucks, blame your friends! Mine is awesome! XD
  • 12:40:52: I've heard of The Goon before, but I had no idea it had zombies in it! Count me in! http://youtu.be/qdNux4Ue2sg
  • 12:45:18: @nek0 En America lleva mas de un mes, creo, minimo tres semanas.
  • 16:31:47: My 360 froze twice today I hope it's the game an not an imminent RROD, but since I'm on vacation... It's likely to be the later.... :(
  • 16:51:03: @Paradisacorbasi It has the user's name on it, and it's a pretty famous gif, so if he was lying we would have out by now?
  • 20:33:51: @EverTomorrow Wha!? What did the comic did to offend you so much? D:
  • 20:41:39: @EverTomorrow My dad didn't want to pay for our cat's surgery... It might have saved him, but I don't hate him for that... :(
  • 20:50:45: @EverTomorrow Danielle owns two cats and loves them to bits, so I can assure you that the creator and the creation are different.
  • 20:52:17: @EverTomorrow I'm pretty sure she'll learn her lesson before the storyline concludes? I'd be disappointed if she doesn't...
  • 20:58:06: @EverTomorrow Hazel was the "bitchy one" from day one and frankly I think she's gotten better, but if you hate her, you hate her... *shrugs*
  • 21:05:20: @EverTomorrow I would have been if didn't have a good reason, but you are being sensible, so I'm not offended.
  • 21:10:28: I earned the Silver level of the Weekend Warrior badge using Audible for iPhone. Want yours? http://bit.ly/adblapp #audible
  • 21:11:00: @EverTomorrow "Nice people" aren't usually not interesting enough to have as main characters... Flaws make them interesting I guess?
  • 21:14:19: @EverTomorrow I meant "are usually not" in that last tweet... XP
  • 21:19:12: Have they no shame? RT @jchutchins: Fox News now dissing Mr Rogers? http://j.mp/bKe0qw
  • 21:22:22: @jchutchins Wait a minute? Do kids today even know who Mr. Rogers is?
  • 21:30:02: Do kids today even watch Mr. Rogers anymore? Either Fox News is being dumb, or.... Fox News is trolling us?
  • 21:49:13: @thegreenavenger Really? I just heard about it now.... It is from when he was still on air?
  • 21:57:11: @KentHolle Oh, I guess Fox News is just beings jerks then?
  • 22:04:30: @thegreenavenger Well, that's what they are talking about in the video, only worse...
  • 22:07:22: @thegreenavenger I don't think kids should be raised clueless, but I wouldn't want them to be raised like pessimistic emos with no nope...
  • 22:10:44: @Cyclophile This is Fox News... They've called everything and everyone evil at some point... or they will at least... :(
  • 22:16:07: What's the point of a player where you have to click "next" to listen to the next song? Sheesh! ):
  • 22:40:29: @Cyclophile Yeah... Most of them would do anything if it gave them viewers... XP
  • 22:50:14: @Cyclophile Fortunately it's not that bad over here... yet... ):
  • 22:53:37: I "love" my digestive ailment of going from "I'M GOING TO DIE IF I DON'T EAT" to "I HATE FOOD! I THINK MIGHT VOMIT!" WITHOUT eating!
  • 22:59:53: @svhernandez I had dinner over an hour ago... I'm not starving, I just felt peckish and then ill a few minutes later... :(
  • 23:03:20: @nek0 I only ate three meals today! ):
  • 23:13:52: Kitchen Kaos 179: Spacing Out http://bit.ly/cnF4Av
  • 23:16:09: @svhernandez I have hiatal hernia and my stomach can't handle too much liquid... The nausea went away quickly, though!
  • 23:23:50: I earned the Diamond level of the All Nighter badge using Audible for iPhone. Want yours? http://bit.ly/adblapp #audible
  • 23:24:08: I earned the Silver level of the Repeat Listener badge using Audible for iPhone. Want yours? http://bit.ly/adblapp #audible

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