Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

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I'm framing... myself?

The money appeared! It appears I'm just clumsy and stupid, wait, I already stated that! :P

Apparently, when I got home from leaving the Wapsi print to be framed, I was in a hurry and grabbed my money and remembered that I had to check that the other framed stuff I had was the same color, so...

I probably checked it with the money in my hand, and somehow left it there?

Now I feel stupid, but relieved...

I was already in a better mood when I tried out the headlight thing I bought, it's perfect for fixing stuff in the dark, because now I have free hands since I don't need a torch (I like the word torch over flashlight, OK?). It will very helpfull for computer repairs and to top it off, the "night vision" is cool AND eeire.... And it makes me feel like Sam Fisher... :P

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