Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

From Twitter 08-01-2010

  • 10:55:38: @80stees No, but some of my Twitter friends seem to be enraged about this, @radiomaru never mentioned these, so they think they aren't legal
  • 11:28:22: He, he, "Scream Bloody Murder" is so terribly awesome! ... or awesomely terrible? <3
  • 12:00:50: There is a new Al Emmo game... and it's a hidden object game? D:
  • 12:42:06: RT @MarzGurlProd: OH SH- RT @_transparent RT @Willeth: Lisa Simpson's getting married today. http://bit.ly/bVxH26
  • 13:38:39: I had a dream that was part survival horror, part... @loadingreadyrun ? I think the crew turned into monsters at nightfall or something? XP
  • 17:37:23: The thing that bothers me the most about Assassin's Creed 2 is the whole conspiracy thing, the puzzles are the stuff you find in... (1/2)
  • 17:38:49: ...those bad FMV adventure games from the 90's.... What were they thinking?! DX< (2/2)
  • 18:10:54: @AmyLukima Shark Week is when America runs shark documentaries all week, right? I wish I could watch some... :(
  • 18:40:49: @Jim_Sterling I just found out Trucker's Delight is the free app of the day! HUZZAH! http://bit.ly/9i2P2O
  • 19:40:39: @Cyclophile The US was isolated once? When?
  • 21:48:37: RT @ChristinaCoffin: Screens of modern games remade in pixel art thread on NeoGaf made my day: http://bit.ly/ayPrmO
  • 22:02:07: Kitchen Kaos 178: Cord-ially invited http://bit.ly/8YqAU8
  • 23:55:23: @nurse_nurse Too bad you don't ship to Europe.... :(

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