Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

From Twitter 07-31-2010

  • 06:09:50: @StudioJFISH It's as legit as any non-official nerdy shirt?
  • 06:12:51: You do know that complaining about non-official Scott Pilgrim tees while wearing a non-official geeky shirt is being hypocritical?
  • 06:14:49: It's like laughing at racist jokes and suddenly get offended because they pick on your race... You can't pick and choose, it's all or none!
  • 06:21:11: @StudioJFISH But they also have many gaming shirts where they basically rip the sprites from games and nobody complains.
  • 06:27:53: @StudioJFISH I checked Threadless and they even have some shirts with full screenshots stolen and 80's tees has TONS of stolen artwork!
  • 06:29:53: WOW! I guess nobody really visits 80's Tees because 90% of their T-shirts use stolen artwork! XD http://bit.ly/yWV3z
  • 06:44:32: @StudioJFISH I don't think that many people have even noticed that some the art is stolen though, they're just upset it's not official?
  • 06:48:44: @poisonrational You mean whippersnappers who think they're entitled to everything and still don't understand how the world work?
  • 10:35:14: @Lea_Hernandez It voids the warranty and only Apple can repair them, so you're screwed if it breaks?
  • 15:04:41: @reneengstrom Really? I though ladies "kneaded" servants for that kind of stuff! XD
  • 18:03:00: RT @80stees: @Tanukitsune The shirts at 80sTees are officially licensed. Our artwork isn't stolen.
  • 18:31:17: @80stees You should tell that to all the angry Scott Pilgrim fans... :|
  • 18:47:50: Does anybody recommend the Borderland's DLC? It's on sale at XBLA...
  • 18:54:12: @Yamino ModButtons makes good buttons! <3 http://bit.ly/9F8zdz
  • 20:40:58: RT @poisonrational: Everything in my #Etsy is half off! Prices range from $1.50-$10! Pass it on! http://bit.ly/22BSNd
  • 21:48:18: Yugioh Abriged + Lady Gaga = Epic Win! http://youtu.be/0jnCcejkpjg
  • 22:03:34: Nin10DOH! (Contains violence) http://bit.ly/98CnLV

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