Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

From Twitter 07-29-2010

  • 05:54:11: @MolotovCupcake Having an inventory would be pretty useful, but I don't think that counts, so.... The money multiplier Red Brick from Lego?
  • 09:24:09: As a butcher's assistant I get VISIBLE blood stains on my clothes, but nobody ever seems to notice or care... even if it's on my bare arm!
  • 10:13:38: @YahtzeeCroshaw Space pirates stole me pot of gold!
  • 10:15:22: Why are digital comics "region locked"? I can buy a physical comic from an online US or UK store, but not the digital version? That's silly!
  • 10:31:40: @WesleyC I can understand region locking DVDs, kinda... when it's a movie distributed by different companies in different areas.
  • 14:10:48: I hate that different stores have different pre-order bonuses... what's next? A different pre-order bonus depending on the day of the week?
  • 14:20:43: Hey, guys! Pre-order Space Marine Super Fun Time at exactly 3:45 PM while wearing a live badger as a hat to get a Nikola Tesla pony DLC!
  • 21:23:27: Since I'm dreadful at strategy games, I'm the only gamer NOT playing Starcraft II..... :|
  • 21:51:30: @erikamoen Wow, that is soo awesome! Color me jealous! X3
  • 21:54:12: I should be on vacation in about a week! YAY! <3
  • 22:04:53: @MagnoliaPearl I hope that cosplayer won at least a pony or two for such a cool costume! XD
  • 22:08:21: The #tweetlevel influence score for @Tanukitsune is 44. How influential are you? http://bit.ly/tweetlevel (I expected much worse! XD)
  • 23:14:26: Maximum Fun #14 http://bit.ly/cCByVK

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