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From Twitter 07-24-2010

  • 05:48:55: We have Dora the Explorer in Spain.... She teaches Spanish! What's the point of having her in Spain?
  • 09:22:24: @choadmalma AAAAAAH! DX
  • 09:23:45: @MolotovCupcake I'm not your pal, friend!
  • 09:30:04: Why do they call it bellybutton when nothing happens if you press it? Is mine broken? D:
  • 09:42:34: @hpkomic Damn, I knew it! Mine's broken! D:
  • 09:43:07: @MykalWane You do know I was being a silly goose, right? |:
  • 10:11:05: @thegreenavenger They released Vagrant Story, so who knows? :|
  • 10:51:40: HA HA HA! RT @nek0: What the....??!!! http://yfrog.com/mxdhuj
  • 11:42:19: I love Half-minute Hero! I wish all RPGs had a 30 second time limit! <3
  • 12:22:33: @thejuzzard Can they make one is so little time? The ones I see online seem like they'd take several hours to make! D:
  • 13:25:16: @Yamino I wish I had webcomic dreams... ):
  • 15:51:13: I named my knight Sir Prize in Half Minute Hero! XD
  • 16:35:19: @RamuneIgasu It has 30s RPG, a 30S strategy game and a 30s shooter... and I just unlocked another 30s mode! X3
  • 16:45:22: @RamuneIgasu You have more than one Memory card? Also, you just missed Half Minute Hero on sale at the PSN store!
  • 16:49:12: @RamuneIgasu You mean the having PSP games on sale? Because of the Go most PSP games are on PSN now?
  • 16:52:59: @thejuzzard Awesomesauce! You could make a whole family and... eat his pride! XD
  • 17:04:35: @nachimir Ha ha, it looks like they have warnings for each age group now? XD
  • 17:42:16: @RamuneIgasu It seems some games are downloadable only, like Hammerin' Harry. And it might be easier to get a JP PSN account than to import?
  • 18:55:02: @RamuneIgasu Not in Europe... Did it come out in the US? I only know of the JP UMD version.
  • 18:55:33: HA HA HA! Half Minute keeps unlocking more and more brutal modes! XD
  • 19:03:00: THREE SECOND HERO? Surely you jest?! D:
  • 19:22:35: @RamuneIgasu Damn... I could import the PSP games, but not the PSOne classics.... :|
  • 19:31:41: I had forgotten Half Minute Hero was a downloaded game and I was confused when I opened the UMD lid and found nothing... XD
  • 19:35:13: Dang, the only thing I have left in my backlog is the Metroid Prime Saga and the Jak & Daxter saga, which I was going to play on my vacation
  • 19:41:46: @RamuneIgasu Ha! It wouldn't be this big if I wasn't lucky enough to find the whole Jax & Daxter saga used when I went out for memory cards.
  • 19:43:16: @RamuneIgasu I did order a bunch or games on sale, so my vacations will be.. interesting? And I just might buy a PSN game this weekend... XD
  • 21:42:02: @ryanestrada Isn't that a sign of a natural disaster? D:
  • 22:33:13: @ryanestrada Will the wild animals join the party? XD
  • 22:39:04: Jinkies! The jumps kick breaks Unbound Saga! It kills almost every enemy in one hit! Also... SUMO BADGERS?! XD
  • 22:42:29: HA HA! And the poison cloud killed a boss with two hits! XD

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