Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

From Twitter 07-23-2010

  • 05:53:44: @n0wak Really? Was it because of the ending or what?
  • 09:27:05: @MolotovCupcake I don't know if the idea of an Oreo milkshake is delicious or disgusting... or both? XP
  • 10:11:04: Playing Dead Space in Spanish reminds me why I buy most of my games from the UK... Spanish voice actors sucks and lack emotions...
  • 10:14:20: I can name dozens of famous and loved English voice actors, but Spanish ones? Zero! D:
  • 10:17:17: Also, Dead Space is missing something... it doesn't really feel like a proper survival horror game for a reason... :|
  • 16:12:39: I've beaten Dead Space.... I'm not sure if I'll bother to get the sequel.... Also, the stasis doesn't make it much of a survival horror game
  • 16:17:36: The European PSn store is missing TONS of PSOne classis the US has, what's going to happen when PSN Plus offer a game that's US only? :|
  • 16:21:31: @Hatchetjob Hmm, that game has open space and levelling, that's not very survival horror-y, you need to fell trapped and almost defenseless?
  • 17:08:48: @Hatchetjob So does every game that takes place in a post apocalyptical world? Are Stalker and Metro 2033 survival horror to you?
  • 17:11:53: @Southworth I think he'd run out of meteors within five minutes if he did things like that! XD
  • 18:28:55: @Hatchetjob Horror the genre is not the same as the survival horror video game genre.
  • 18:34:59: @Hatchetjob RE is the original Survival Horror game and is based on a few zombie movies, but horror =/= survival horror.
  • 18:45:17: @Chalodillo It sucks that Shante is DSi only though... :|
  • 23:53:15: Maximum Fun #10 http://bit.ly/cyKUn8

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