Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

From Twitter 07-22-2010

  • 06:13:01: Mental note: Get a copy of Troll 2 for Halloween.
  • 10:07:37: Why is there no Me-Tea-critic? How will I know if my tea is any good if the Internet doesn't tell me so? D:
  • 10:11:13: Tea-structoid is biased, Ko-Tea-ku only cares about Asian teas... and don't get me started on TGN! I guess I'll have to risk it... ):
  • 10:17:35: Oooh! "Tea" has DLC! It has: "Milk", "Sugar" & "Pastry"! :3
  • 10:18:46: Achievement Unlocked! "Pinkie finger lifted" 50G
  • 10:34:41: Aw, man.... When I finished my tea it just said I should wait for Tea 2: The Teabagging! D:
  • 11:15:10: Hmmm, Alpha Protocol is only 20€ at The Hut, should I get it? :|
  • 13:44:03: What the?! I got an email from Play Asia asking me to be an affiliate? This must be a scam, right? :|
  • 17:52:25: I remember a show with a puppet cat with a cast on it's arm, where it kept it's talking mic, he interviewed quarks? Does anybody know it?
  • 21:19:29: They found Carmen Sandiego! 8D http://bit.ly/anY8lQ
  • 21:43:51: The most awesome instrument ever, the Chipophone! http://bit.ly/anY8lQ
  • 22:20:15: It looks like Spain DOES have online renting of movies, but... they are in SPANISH only and there is no flat rate.... :|
  • 22:39:49: @MolotovCupcake You mean the religious thing? They claim us nerds worship superheros as gods and worshiping false idols is a sin?
  • 22:49:20: @Tally_LRR Coraline?
  • 23:09:34: Is 2-3€ too much for an online movie rental? I might actually rent a movie or two... There is no anime, I guess Spanish otaku only pirate?

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