Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

From Twitter 07-20-2010

  • 06:52:22: Why is the girl with the blue hair and the big breasts singing about California in Candy Land? Is Candy Land IN California? I MUST KNOW! D:<
  • 11:22:06: @thegreatlukeski Hey! I didn't know they sold plush Luke Skis! http://yfrog.com/n6o2jj
  • 11:24:59: Weird Val's (Veronique Chevalier) new video Internet Date is awesome! X3 http://youtu.be/Cd9rSsaEZvo
  • 12:32:16: Is Demon Souls the kind of game that will become hard to find soon? :|
  • 15:33:57: Prototype becomes exponentially less fun as you advance in the story.... Even getting into a base is ridiculously tasking and frustrating!
  • 17:16:17: Bleargh! Prototype became ridiculously unfun at the end.... XP
  • 19:32:52: Is overcharging a battery bad for it?
  • 19:48:20: @onimonster I'm speaking of lithium ones, like in consoles or phones?
  • 20:53:39: @onimonster It's the proper battery controller, I'm just confused because they told me to charge it for 12 hours, but it's already charged?
  • 22:05:34: HA HA! In "The Little Cars", one of the cars says "that kid has a lot of spunk in his trunk!". That sounds SOOOO dirty! XD
  • 23:41:59: @surlyqueen Are they penguin eggs? :3

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