Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

From Twitter 07-16-2010

  • 06:05:56: One of the reasons I despise piracy so much is that if it wasn't out of control in my country, we'd have stuff like Netflix and Gamefly.. ):
  • 06:18:23: @poisonrational I'm more OK with that, but the average fanboy in Spain barely has anything legal, except merch, which can't be pirated.
  • 06:18:58: @poisonrational How can they call themselves fans if they never support what they love? D:
  • 06:43:28: @poisonrational I guess they don't understand what they are doing isn't good for their favorite show/game/comic?
  • 06:57:44: @poisonrational I prefer Web TV, like AVGN, but I don't even buy used games unless the game is out of print!
  • 10:21:26: I don't fear a post-apocalyptical future, a fear a future where we're super spoiled and easily offended.... Which is actually plausible.. |:
  • 10:23:42: We already have people saying that their day is ruined because their moccha-latte-xpresso extreme took an extra second to be made...
  • 10:27:02: And don't even get me started on the easily offended... ¬_¬
  • 12:58:00: What the?! The store where I ordered my Memory Stick is closed? There is no sign saying when or if they'll open again... should I wait? D:
  • 13:00:49: No wonder I always wear gloves at work, I forgot to wear them for just a while and they reach of bleach! DX
  • 14:14:21: Wow.... I find this news hard to believe! 1000+ drown in Russia to escape from heat! http://bit.ly/9z94cu
  • 14:25:01: How is this even possible? Wouldn't the Government try to do something after the first 100-500 drown? :|
  • 17:01:21: Woah.... the final chapters of Yazuka 3 are non-stop epic rollercoaster! 8D
  • 18:46:31: @aedavis Wha?! What are Ryu and Arthur doing here? Is this a Megaman MMO or a Capcom All-Stars one? :|
  • 19:00:27: It seems no store has Memory Sticks in stock, at this rate a PSP Go will be my only option! D:
  • 20:44:30: @RosaBlackwell Where do you think boo-berries come from? :B
  • 22:39:04: "Boin" is Japanese slang fro breasts? That's ridiculously hilarious! XD

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