Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

From Twitter 07-14-2010

  • 07:09:15: I kinda prefer the screaming crazy Old Spice shirtless man than the soothing voice shirtless one... :|
  • 09:27:51: Shake dat quelonian ass! XD http://youtu.be/qWZRGZInJkw
  • 10:04:03: @SirIve Because it would be too awesome?
  • 13:18:28: Wow! It's almost impossible to find a decent memory stick in stock! .... I might have to buy a PSPGo to play downloadable PSN games! D:
  • 13:34:16: @ryanestrada Stay safe! D:
  • 13:36:34: I'm not kidding, the 16G Memory stick combined with the 10 free games you get cost more than the PSP Go itself!
  • 13:39:37: If it weren't for the fact 6 of the games are racers, I'd buy it right now! :|
  • 14:08:26: Huh? Deadliest Warrior? I thought this week's XBLA game was Death Spank?! D:
  • 17:58:51: I'm really debating this whole PSP Go thing... I do need a Memory Stick and it does come with 10 games in Europe.... :|
  • 20:35:47: @reneengstrom I do remember a character that had "gadget arms" in World Heroes! :3
  • 20:47:01: @rosalarian I kinda prefer the screaming crazy Old Spice guy.... DOUBLE SUN POWER!
  • 20:59:43: @maggiemarmalade That means.... Naked ladybug? :B
  • 21:14:24: Death Spank has Death in it, but no spanking? I does have the same voice actor as Captain Quark though! :3
  • 21:20:44: I think I'm going to flip a coin for this PSP Go dilema since I got no feeback... #firstworldproblems
  • 21:43:39: @thegreenavenger Let's see if I can guess... are you talking about the YATTA video? :3
  • 21:52:30: @thegreenavenger Sweet! I just wanted to see if I could remember without clicking the link! :3
  • 22:24:04: Maximum Fun #3 http://bit.ly/96fTxk

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