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Curse you, Mario!

The DVDbox set I bought of the Super Mario toons is in Spanish ONLY even though it's says it's in English as well, which is the reason I bought it in the first place!

I'm not sure if I should return it, it's not like there is an Enlgish version to exchange for, right?

I've finally beaten the girl's story in Lost in Blue, which was painfully boring and slightly sexist and unlocked challenge mode, although some guy in a forum swears to God, it has an ending and that you can find logs in it, NOBODY else has...

So far, from what I've seen in this mode, I do believe that he is lying, but the thing I don't have proof, so I emailed Konami...

In other news, I'm wondering if I'll every find the right graphic card, I've visited nearly every mall, media and PC store that I know of and I haven't found any graphic card that is similar to the one I want, either they have the cheap ones that are less powerfull than mine or the lastest one that use PCI-Express, which I DON'T have...

I've spent a few hours putting stuff in boxes, since we'll be remodelling soon, and we have to get this stuff somewhere else until everything is done...

I know dust is bad for old games, so I'm putting all my games in boxes, to keep them safe...

Tomorrow I'll finally pick up my new watch! YES!

But I'll have to move a giant piece of furniture... KHAAANNN!

Oh boy....

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