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Perfect score!

Yay! I got the highest score on the PC repair exam! Yes, I'm good at something after all! My PC IS homemade so I guess I had some practice!

Also yesterday was the official launch day of the Nintendo DS! I already had one from special promotion from Nintendo, but only one game that I had already finished so I wanted a few more...

Wario Ware rocks! It sure use the cool functions to the "max"... Imagine a game where you have 3 second to figure out what to do and how to do it, but now you have a touch screen and microphone to use instead of buttons!

Some "micro-games" are very bizarre, there is even a bubble wrap popper micro game in it! The microphone game can be tiring for your lungs, and people might thing your insane for blowing or talking to your videogame...

I also seem to getting into coffee, but I only like Viena and Cappuchino, not the normal ones....


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