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From Twitter 07-11-2010

  • 11:49:17: Today is the World Cup final. If Spain loses, there will be a rampage or angry fans, if we win there will a rampage of happy drunken fans!
  • 12:53:09: What on Earth did I just watch? D8 http://youtu.be/s3ogbGI2JuA
  • 17:44:00: My cousin's first b-day went pretty well! :3
  • 17:44:32: I ate zebra AND ostrich meat! I'm practically a lion now! RAAAAAH! X3
  • 17:45:04: I do feel sick, but I think it because of the sorbet's alcohol... I knew I shouldn't have drunk it! D:
  • 18:33:53: @Cyclophile I don't know if it was just the sauce, but it was kinda sweet! :3
  • 18:47:04: In a few hours the World Cup final will start.... Fortunately Spaniards are now using traditional trumpets instead of vuvuzelas....
  • 18:47:18: It's only slightly less painful.... :|
  • 19:08:16: The trumpet blowing has already started? NUUUU! D:
  • 19:18:35: @nek0 Dammit! I always get those mixed up! DX<
  • 19:20:41: @nek0 I blame it on the cava! XD
  • 19:25:03: I just ordered a new Memory Stick for my PSP, apparently it's easier and cheaper to get PSP games on PSN than in stores... :|
  • 19:29:47: My nephew already knows how to get an iPhone out of sleep mode and how to unlock the screen.... Did I mention he's only one year old? :3
  • 19:30:30: I also find it incredibly amusing that his B-day is 7-11... I think I'll nickname him Slurpee! XD
  • 19:52:47: Wow.... this is getting scary! I've just seen the footage of streets filled with futbol fans ready for the match! D:
  • 20:15:47: This is a nightmare! The trumpets won't stop! DX<
  • 20:42:48: @mudron Why are you watching? You should know when ever they score a goal by the vuvuzelas blowing! XP
  • 21:15:55: @zaphky POOOOOOOOT!
  • 21:19:19: This time they are blowing their horns ALL THE TIME! MY EARS! KILL ME NOW! XD
  • 21:26:24: @HappyHarryToons Ha, ha! I live in Spain and I know I'd be dead if I said anything against my team! You're lucky you just lost followers! XD
  • 21:31:12: @wonderella Please don't joke about that.... I live in Spain and there WILL be blood... whether we win or lose!
  • 22:10:31: @Lea_Hernandez You mean the profile? I see it normal?
  • 22:15:44: @nickbreckon You mean the referee? I thought all referees kinda sucked?
  • 22:22:05: @Lea_Hernandez I can see your profile? The number of entries and friends and others seems normal?
  • 22:23:06: Why am I hearing car alarms? Are the horns so loud they activate them or are people slamming them to celebrate? :|
  • 22:42:37: @starlinex Sexy police returns! <3
  • 22:48:40: Ooh! @AWDtwit 's @TGWTG wallpaper is perfect for the PSP! <3
  • 22:51:53: @starlinex Oooh! Sexy foreshadowing! <3
  • 22:56:58: Fireworks? I guess we finally scored a goal?
  • 23:04:52: And.... now everybody is partying so hard the alarms are going off again! XD
  • 23:12:33: @zaphky Empieza? Aqui han tirado petardos desde el principio! Aunque eso si, ahora hay cohetes de los gordos! XD
  • 23:25:10: @egoraptor I know there are other planets with life on them, but whether they can travel between solar systems easily? That I'm not sure of.
  • 23:26:28: @zaphky Depende... Tu bazuka tiene munición? XP
  • 23:34:30: Kitchen Kaos 175: Splitsville http://www.pixel-pandemonium.com/?p=3095
  • 23:36:39: @nek0 Seriously? Which ones? Can he open them and everything? :O
  • 23:37:18: @zaphky Tienes a mano el telefono de Mazinger Z?
  • 23:45:24: @poisonrational Ha! I wondered if 7-11 would do something like that today! Sweet! I wish we had slurpees over here... :(
  • 23:47:46: .... Things have quieted down already? I'm kinda disappointed! D:
  • 23:51:34: @poisonrational I could try to make my own? I'm sure there's a site or two with Slurpee recipes?
  • 23:52:41: @svhernandez This was my last two hours: TOOOOOOOT! BRRRRRRRR! PWOOOOO! *firecracker* I think I deserve to whine a little! XP
  • 23:56:06: @poisonrational CORN syrup? That explains why we don't have them over here, corn syrup isn't available here either! D:

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