Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

From Twitter 07-08-2010

  • 06:55:43: Was Monkey Island 2 really supposed to be the end of the saga? Because the ending begged for a sequel, now that I think of it.... :|
  • 11:58:27: @starlinex When did you get a cat? Is it your roommate's?
  • 12:10:33: I see more and more flag each day, are they brainwashing us? If I change my avatar to the Spanish flag that means the got me! D:
  • 19:44:46: Monkey Island 2 is worth it just for the audio commentary with Tim Schafer, Ron Gilbert and Dave Grossman! :B
  • 22:36:46: Canned Sandiwches? NUUUUUUUU! http://bit.ly/bQ26qh D:
  • 22:54:32: @Kathleen_LRR Don't even mention vuvuzelas! My country is in the finals, the vuvuzela is the new "HI!" here! T_T

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