Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

From Twitter 07-06-2010

  • 05:57:53: @MagnoliaPearl OH GOD! He looks like a Cho Aniki character now! XD
  • 14:25:26: Can someone please explain to me this whole Beiber thing? I get the Twilight hate, but why hate a kid that sings to other kids?
  • 14:37:39: @sonicsociety That's it? So they hate happy songs? They need to be about b*tches, booze and bling to be acceptable?
  • 14:39:07: Am I the only one with a broken TweetDeck? :|
  • 15:05:22: @WesleyC Isn't that the fate of all celebrities? :P
  • 16:32:11: @happymrlocust TweetDeck is dead... :|
  • 21:14:56: @blackunicorn I did become unresponsive on one flash page, but only once?
  • 21:27:28: @blackunicorn I think it was a blip.tv video for me?
  • 22:59:45: @TheSpoonyOne From what I've heard all Twiiter apps are having trouble. It's not only you, my Tweet isn't working either.
  • 23:29:23: Nooooo! I forgot to save my comic AND I closed the program? I have to redo a lot of it! T_T

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