Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

From Twitter 07-03-2010

  • 06:39:26: @SisterLilBunny Awww.... It was on sale just a few days ago.... You could have gotten it dirt cheap! :(
  • 09:23:03: Since I live in Spain, the first Google results I get for any search is... how to pirate it.... :|
  • 17:16:26: Max and the Magic Marker has a bug that freezes the game when you beat the final boss... So, the patch obviously deleted your save file! ¬_¬
  • 22:05:28: @Cyclophile They are emo girls, they are supposed to look the same? :|
  • 22:10:46: Vuvuzleas, fireworks and car alarms going off....? I guess we won the match? :|
  • 22:17:45: @Cyclophile Being emo is about individuality? I thought it was about tight jeans, hair gel and being sad?
  • 22:34:17: @blackunicorn I thought that was tomorrow? Oddly enough our day celebrates... the day we discovered America! XD
  • 22:38:22: @Cyclophile Non conformist trend sounds like an oxymoron to me.... XP
  • 22:41:09: @blackunicorn Well, tomorrow is 90 minutes away, so it's close enough! ^_^;
  • 22:48:56: @nickchester Stormlord lets you jump on naked angel ladies! http://bit.ly/bbG00C
  • 23:01:11: Oooh! Apparently the vuvuzela is the horn they blow in South African futbol matches, what we had before is a different thing!
  • 23:14:12: Summer Announcement http://bit.ly/bzyLzi

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