Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

From Twitter 07-01-2010

  • 06:17:36: I know the doctor gave me new stomach pills, but... my intestines hurt SOOO much! I have to take the old ones! DX< (TMI?)
  • 06:18:17: @blackunicorn They make her look like so mundane, like a normal person! D:
  • 06:36:18: @HeliosBlowtorch All over my abdominal area! My older pills should work on this? T_T
  • 06:51:48: @HeliosBlowtorch The new ones? Domperidona. The old ones? Otilinio Bromur.
  • 06:58:36: @djmayhem One of my neighbors called theirs "ass of fire"! XD
  • 10:40:41: @HeliosBlowtorch One is for gastrical abdominal pains... the other is for "heavy feeling in stomach"?
  • 10:51:57: Is the a shorter name for the phase "AAAAH, NOOOOO! I'm 20-30 which is like 800! I'M OLD MY LIFE IS OVER!"? Quarter mid-life crisis?
  • 11:13:34: @reneengstrom I might read hero comics if they weren't so emo and dramatic... I miss when they fought monkeys on the moon... :|
  • 11:14:52: The major advantage of the searing pain in my guts is that the searing pain in my foot doesn't bother me so much? :|
  • 11:33:19: @irishgirl982 Hopefully my old pills will help me feel better? The pain started when they made me switch pills.
  • 11:38:24: Oooh! The new iPhone has folders? Sweet! That will be useful! :3
  • 11:41:24: @nek0 I was there yesterday! I'm going to see if it's changing of pills that did this to me first!
  • 12:16:30: Damn, they wrote the date for my appointment wrong... I have to return to
  • 14:06:11: Has anybody played that PS2 horror game Michigan? The one where you are a cameraman? Is good or at least humorously bad? :|
  • 21:10:41: Awww.... they shut down the 8-Bit Twilight parody! D: http://bit.ly/aYo3Zt
  • 21:25:31: @aedavis Unicorn ninja kitties? :3
  • 22:58:03: I updated my comic: http://bit.ly/bMXOfv (I'm not sure I'll give the title anymore... I think they ruin the joke?) D:

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