Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

From Twitter 06-18-2010

  • 00:00:00: Pun Dungeon: Cut Down http://www.pixel-pandemonium.com/?p=3035
  • 05:53:39: Roger Ebert is such a troll, now he's saying you're a fool if you like games more than Huckleberry Finn... ¬_¬ http://bit.ly/doXTxV
  • 06:00:56: Nintendo fans are willing to call King Koopa Bowser and Princess Toadstoal Peach, but Sega fans will never call Robotnik Eggman?
  • 06:13:55: @indigo__ Ignorant is the perfect world, since he claims not to play any of the games he hates so much.... :|
  • 06:49:00: So.... Metal Gear Peace Walker has NO SAVE POINTS OR CHECKPOINTS? Way to sell the game Konami... :|
  • 10:01:00: @MykalWane The only reason they took out checkpoints is to encourage online multliplayer play....
  • 10:06:41: When you work at a butcher shop you never know if that blood on your arm is yours or not... (This time it was mine)
  • 10:55:36: My parents are utterly convinced things are SOO BAD that thugs will break into our house in broad daylight... EVEN if they know we're home!
  • 11:00:42: That's ridiculous, who breaks into an apartment KNOWING people are inside? I've never heard of such a thing...
  • 12:45:24: And.... I got a Formspring account? Ask me something? http://formspring.me/Tanukitsune XP
  • 13:01:37: Playing the "race card" too often or too soon is actually incredibly racist... Because you're saying: "You must be racist, you're white!"
  • 13:43:14: I use Google Reader for gaming sites and webcomics.... yet it recommends photography and tech blogs? :|
  • 14:05:32: @Cyclophile Yikes! Are you OK? D:
  • 16:00:58: I never knew that those trumpet things that they play in futbol matches were called vuvuzela until this week... And I hear them often! XP
  • 18:06:18: Why do so many people who never care about futbol all of the sudden care about the World Cup? :|
  • 18:17:22: @thegreenavenger So they didn't make it last time? That would explain why America cares all of the sudden!
  • 18:31:11: @Iron_Spike The "mouse over text" says: "Kimbo Cries Wolf" so I'm guessing he's joking?
  • 19:44:45: Does it sound insane that I'd rather pay 20€ for a new game instead of 15 for the used version unless the game is no longer on sale? :|
  • 21:16:13: This guy is AMAZING! <3 http://bit.ly/b1XLoB
  • 21:53:07: What the...?! Wasn't Dead Space on Games on Demand? It's not anymore! D:
  • 22:32:48: @thegreenavenger I don't remember that last time I got a compliment.... ^_^;
  • 23:28:18: Pun Dungeon: Gar-Lick http://www.pixel-pandemonium.com/?p=3037
  • 23:33:22: @thegreenavenger <3

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