Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

From Twitter 06-14-2010

  • 05:59:20: My eye feels better, I don't know if I should go to the doctor or the pharmacy now.... :|
  • 06:40:07: @SamanthaKyle I don't remember seeing ads in LJ?
  • 11:10:49: I'm at the hospital, apparently my eye thing was more serious than I thought...
  • 11:12:30: I have 140 people in front of me.... This could take a while...
  • 11:34:27: Thete is a strange ad outside, it looks like a bad horror movie poster, but it's actually an anti-drug ad.
  • 11:35:55: Now I only have 80 people in front of me... I might not die of old age here?
  • 14:24:04: I'm finally back from the hospital with a bandage on my eye... I was hoping I'd get an eye patch and look like a pirate.... :(
  • 14:55:20: @svhernandez Thanks! <3
  • 16:36:35: @Cyclophile I got some chemical in my eye, I need to keep it covered for a few days, but I feel OK?
  • 16:53:07: @zpxlng What are they doing? Fondling each other and wrestling at the same time? D:
  • 20:59:05: AAAAAH! I want to tear my eyeball out! It won't stop itching and I can't take off the bandage! T_T
  • 21:29:07: @Cyclophile @blackunicorn Thanks for the well wishing! <3
  • 21:29:58: @SamanthaKyle Hmm, I wonder why I haven't seen any yet, or maybe they stopped and I forgot about it?
  • 21:39:42: @Cyclophile Would the scratching undo the stitches or what? :|
  • 21:47:43: @essrose It's Project Natal's new name.
  • 21:54:12: @Southworth I they already knocked enough things over with the Wii, now they can knock things over in HD!
  • 22:10:47: I'd hate to say it, but I want Kinect and Playstation Move to FAIL... HAAAARD! I despise that kind of gimmick in games... D:<
  • 23:46:03: Pun Dungeon: The Supernatural Abhors A Vacuum http://www.pixel-pandemonium.com/?p=3029

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