Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

From Twitter 06-08-2010

  • 00:00:38: Pun Dungeon: D-layed Reaction http://bit.ly/b8kpom
  • 10:20:18: @caseymckinnon What if they are Dune or Tremors fans? The Spice must flow!
  • 11:09:07: I made two perler beer bear mats! http://flic.kr/p/88Hsim
  • 13:43:07: @MarzGurlProd Mega Man II on the iPhone has an easy mode that insultingly easy!
  • 14:23:10: I'm officially excited over Lego Harry Potter.... :P
  • 16:24:26: The problem with iPhone gaming is that the average Flash game is superior and cheaper than the average iPhone game... :|
  • 16:26:02: Is there such a thing as a pirate themed adventure game NOT inspired by Monkey Island?
  • 16:44:06: @benchilada That's a platform game! There are tons of games with pirate themes, but the adventure ones seems to always be based on MI!
  • 16:53:09: I hate it when YouTubers see a talented woman and can only say "PURDY LADY!" or "TITS OR GTFO!".... That's objectifying them, dammit! D:<
  • 17:19:57: So... to pre-order a game you have to go the store? If I lived that close I wouldn't bother to pre-order! |:
  • 17:29:07: If you pre-order a game online, in the same country you live in, is it likely you'll get it on the release date? :|
  • 17:30:35: I always pre-order from the UK, so I don't really know... :|
  • 18:16:43: @Yamino Can you contact them and demand a refund? They did mislead you!
  • 18:48:38: @Ratsofatsorat I know! Why can't we just ask questions directly?
  • 19:13:11: @djmayhem Don't they need to be five to be rangers?
  • 19:20:21: @aedavis DAAAAAAWWWW! <3
  • 22:13:00: @rosalarian Are you talking about the femnist Hulk I heard about on Twitter?
  • 22:22:47: @SisterLilBunny Full of what? Hot air? Are they a bunch of old windbags? ;P
  • 22:59:25: I don't get Tumblr... it's like a downgraded Facebook post... Only less versatile.... :|
  • 23:12:29: @ceallaighdawn I only follow about ten people, you and Star being two of them... I'm also very new... I don't even know how to reply yet! :|
  • 23:21:06: Does anybody have cool Tumblr blogs to follow? I barely have any to follow! ^_^;
  • 23:26:56: @SamanthaKyle I'm already following you! I just saw your "unbearably" cute sketch you made! <3 (I would have replied if I knew how)
  • 23:28:48: @SamanthaKyle OMG! Scott C. has a Tumblr!? THANK YOU FOR TELLING ME! <3<3<3

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