Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

From Twitter 06-07-2010

  • 14:37:41: I don't know why, but if the new Leisure Suit Larry game is still at the used games store the next time I'm there.. I might actually buy it!
  • 21:06:51: The iPad came out 5 seconds ago and they are already announcing iPhone 4? The iPhone 4 will be obsolete by the time you read this....
  • 21:16:52: Fright Night had a videogame? http://bit.ly/9JCroO 8O
  • 21:17:46: @HeliosBlowtorch I think they're at iPhone 13 by now! XD
  • 22:15:27: Did Garfield really start thing whole "Mondays suck" thing? I refuse to believe nobody else though of that first! Unless....
  • 22:17:07: Maybe Mondays were awesome until Garfield convinced us otherwise? Maybe Mondays were all about cupcakes and pony rides back then? D:
  • 22:40:55: @radiomaru Will they be available in Europe or should we just order them from an American store?
  • 22:58:44: @kawaiinot Ninja puppies! They use their pup-jitsu to make you puke rainbows and they have adorable tiny katanas and Sanrio shuriken! <3
  • 23:26:04: @JewWario I would have bothered to watch it, but... rugby? EW! (Sorry, I didn't watch your Eyeshield 21 review for the same reason...) ):
  • 23:29:32: @toblix That's creepier and more terrifying that all Silent Hills combined! DX
  • 23:32:11: @CTZ As a gamer should you support a platform that releases new versions every year? Imagine if Sony released a new console every year!

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