Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

From Twitter 06-05-2010

  • 06:18:20: @Cyclophile It's probably that suit they wear, it's so colorful and sparkly! XD
  • 06:23:24: People working at the supermarket are wearing shirts for the soccer cup which is a bad idea since it's kinda hard to tell who's working now
  • 06:41:10: Kim Kardashian might replace Angelina Jolie as Lara Croft? But.... She doesn't even look British!
  • 13:10:13: Anime audioplays DON'T work! Anime is too visual to work as audio only! ¬_¬
  • 13:19:20: Ha ha! Pride and Prejudice and Zombies is now an iPhone game! XD http://bit.ly/9cTbZh
  • 15:49:27: @Yamino That is hilarious and SOOO wrong! XD
  • 16:06:26: RT @bytejacker: THERE WILL BE NOOO SHAAAAAAAME. RT @Teknopants: @bytejacker 8 Bit Robot Unicorn Attack Song http://bit.ly/azoWNX
  • 17:41:40: Should I animate this? It turned out pretty well! http://bit.ly/bxYlw6 :3
  • 18:05:04: I'm seriously debating on whether to animate or not... Nighthawks seems to be all about being still and quiet.... :|
  • 18:28:25: No feedback? I guess I'll animate it then... :|
  • 19:12:11: 8-Bit Nighthawks (ANIMATED! <3) http://www.pixel-pandemonium.com/?p=3011
  • 19:20:49: He he, I feel good after making something different for once! <3
  • 21:43:56: @reneengstrom Wow! Politically Correctness has gone insane... Although it never made sense to me.... :|
  • 21:49:44: @reneengstrom About what I said or what they did? I don't think anything that's politically correct is actually right?
  • 21:51:04: @onimonster Isn't that what being PC is all about? "Protecting" people by makes thing worse but saying it's actually the right way?
  • 21:52:32: Hmmm... Has politically correctness ever done anything good for humanity? Apart from saying they are trying to make the world better? :|
  • 21:58:18: @reneengstrom You're right, but if it offends someone they can still claim they are trying to be PC, it doesn't have to make sense? *shrug*
  • 22:00:46: @MykalWane @onimonster So, it's basically pretending to play nice out of fear? :|

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