Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

From Twitter 06-02-2010

  • 12:22:58: ¡Sorteo pack 10 juegos! RT, sigue @Gameloft_Spain #sorteogameloft. Mi juego favorito es The Oregon Trail!
  • 12:24:13: I finally fixed my internet connection, but.. what do I do with the extra Wi-Fi dongle? Do you think they'll trade it for something else? |:
  • 12:28:14: I'm kinda proud of the Sailor Moon pun... Did anybody need brain bleach after that? XD
  • 12:37:18: Dang... it's hard to kick out a half stunned moth without hurting it.. but I did it! :3
  • 12:59:41: Sweet! They exchanged the Wi-fi adapter for ink cartridges! YAY! <3
  • 13:12:59: Sweet! The Snoopy game came out on XBLA! <3
  • 14:19:59: Wow, another Foxconn employee has died? That's dreadful! D:
  • 16:20:19: @Zackules Wow, I bet they put that log part just so it could it the video game counterpart! XD
  • 16:29:48: I just tried a Virign PIña Colada drink for the first time, it was creamy and coconutty? :|
  • 16:55:16: @CrowChick Mine are Philips brand, I don't know the model, but I work in rather noisy environment and they seem to do the trick? ^_^;
  • 18:50:53: @thezombiecow I thought I was the only one who still knew about that game! They haven't updated the blog in years it's safe to say it's dead
  • 18:52:00: @thezombiecow I'm still trying to get over that the Harold Huxton isn't real! D:

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