Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

Woohoo! It's fixed!

 So... yesterday they window cleaner came and broke my Wi-Fi adapter... The metal part was bent and the plastic cover snapped open...

When I found out he was gone, do I couldn't do anything... except replace it!

I have two PC stores RIGHT NEXT to each other, which is kinda awkward since they can see you go from on place to another....

The usual stone I go to only has an internal Wi-Fi card, which I didn't feel like buying, they said they could bring something later, but with the holiday in the middle of the week who know when I would have got it... so I went to the other store....

They had a USB one, but I never heard of the brand, but it was my only hope, so I doubt it.... It didn't work... It came with it's own software, which said it connected to my Wi-Fi router, but Vista said I wasn't connected and I still didn't have internet! I read the purchase ticket and it said I couldn't get a refund.... So I panicked and went to the other store and got the internal card, but it was the same brand as the previous USB device so....

It had the same problem! It said I had internet, but I didn't! It was too late to do anything else, so I borrowed my parent's laptop... installed Chrome and a FTP program. My parent's laptop SUCKS for making pixel arts, but the only thing wrong my PC was the internet connection so I just made the comic normally, saved it in a USD memory stick and then used on the laptop and uploaded it....

The next day I went to the usual PC store and told them about my problem and asked if the could order a USB device AS LONG AS IT WAS A DIFFERENT BRAND! The owner somehow anticipated my move (I had mentioned that I tried the USB device of the same brand and failed the other day) and had gotten what I wanted from another store of his chain in the area! THIS is why this is the "usual" store! And since it wasn't that strange brand it worked without a hitch! 

But.... I still had the USB device I got from the store that didn't do refunds.... I went there anyway and told them my problem was solved and said that they give me credit! But... they only seemed to have cheap brands and I couldn't really think of anything.... But, hey! I could always have more ink cartridges! Fortunately, they had ink that wasn't some cheap offbrand, so in the end I only lost the a whole afternoon trying to get that strange brand of devices to work....


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