Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

Desert Bus Craft-Along 2010?

 If you don't know about Desert Bus for Hope, it's a charity event where they play the most boring game ever, Desert Bus, for charity and it goes on as long as they get donations....

Apparently you can make craft items for this event that will be auctioned for charity! 

The thing is... what to make? It will be perler beads, but I'm not sure what to make...

They suggested beer mats, since they are flat... what do you think? 

I was thinking that maybe my "Beer Bear" would be perfect for a beer mat? I did create it with that in mind...

If not... it would have to be something nerdy... since Loading Ready Run are the people behind them, maybe I could make the crew into perler beads? Or maybe something nerdy like... laser sharks? I dunno...

A part of me thinks that if I just did classic 8 bit characters into perler beads they would do well, but... it would feel SOOO cheap... :(

Any ideas?

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