Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

From Twitter 05-01-2010

  • 00:22:44: I unlocked "Who's Wimpy Now?" in "Hook Champ"! http://bit.ly/b7uwfA
  • 00:23:22: I unlocked 2 achievements in "Hook Champ"! http://bit.ly/b7uwfA
  • 00:25:55: I unlocked "Block Breaker Silver" in "Hook Champ"! http://bit.ly/b7uwfA
  • 00:28:23: I unlocked "Punch in the Nose Bronze" in "Hook Champ"! http://bit.ly/b7uwfA
  • 00:32:01: I unlocked "Mo' Money Silver" in "Hook Champ"! http://api.openfeint.com/notification?user_id=125207&client_application_id=17153
  • 00:33:38: I unlocked "Dry Bones" in "Hook Champ"! http://bit.ly/b7uwfA
  • 10:43:37: @Tally_LRR It is kinda creepy to have an eye on your cleavage, but I'm sure it will ward off pervs! Did you buy it in Iraq? :B
  • 11:15:19: @Tally_LRR I was just being punny! You must be your arts & crafts teacher's favorite "pupil"! (Sorry, couldn't help it!) :B
  • 12:28:09: I remember someone complaining that "Don Quijote" is spelled "Don Quixote"... We spell it "Don Quijote" here... WHERE IT WAS WRITTEN! ¬_¬
  • 17:02:50: The Dishwater Samurai is cheap and dumb.... you can buy continues but you can only use one continue heart per level?
  • 17:04:08: And it's a brawler in which IF you continue the you have to fight everybody again.... Have they never played brawlers before?
  • 20:02:05: VVVVVV beaten.... but there is no way I'm getting the missing collectables... XP
  • 20:11:18: @MykalWane That explains it, if more than one person had made it one of them would realized it's not a proper brawler... :|

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