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Lost in Blue and Christmas Candy!

I saw something weird at the news stand today, they had Xmas candy!

Have you ever seen one of those gummy lollipops that are actually made to look like toon characters, like Bugs Bunny or the Simpsons?

Well they had Disney Characters in Santa suits!

Also, they had gummy Xmas... Decorations? Also Disney themed...

What's the deal with that? Can you even eat them after having them up in an Xmas tree for about a month?

I'll probably buy some tomorrow and post pics and tell you how they taste.... :P

I've been playing Lost in Blue during the week, it's the sequel to Stranded Kids, a "survival" game in the truest sense, you are a young boy stranded on a deserted island where you soon encounter a girl who washed up at the shore with the same storm you did...

This might be a bit sexist, but the only purpose the girl serves, is... well serving food...

She cooks, makes ropes from vines, and baksets and that kind of stuff, considering she can't do anything else without her glasses...

Anyway, you must survive by gathering, and when you find the materials for making certain items, you can hunt and fish...

It's pretty easy, a stick and a sharpened stone make a spear, a vine, a stick and a sharpened stone make a fishing rod...

You'll explore further and deeper within the island and encounter new challenges, new materials to build stuff, and new food sources...
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