Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

From Twitter 04-24-2010

  • 06:34:04: @HappyHarryToons The true meaning has been watered down, back in the day they said female masturbation lead to being sterile....
  • 06:35:38: @HappyHarryToons The dwarf represents this, which is why he wants to take the baby, I think he also kills the father in the real story?
  • 08:28:05: @JessFink I wish I could make one, but we don't have cupcakes over here... :(
  • 09:58:55: @blackunicorn OH MY GOD! CUPCAKES!!1! Thank you! <3
  • 10:08:20: Did I just beat two Final Fantasies in a week? :O
  • 10:11:17: That just goes to show that grinding is the worst kind of fluff and artificially lengthining to come to gaming... :|
  • 10:30:14: If a follow*er doesn't have any fo*llowers in common with you... it's probably a bot or a spammer... :|
  • 10:31:01: Seriously, if you're not into comics, podcasts, videogames or anything nerdy then why should I interest you?
  • 15:09:36: @RamuneIgasu Don' t they know you look bad if you follow everybody and nobody follows you? :|
  • 15:10:57: This is egg-cellent! http://bit.ly/aSF0y1
  • 21:43:43: @feliciaday That was beautiful.. in a horribly schockly way! <3
  • 22:31:18: Doc Rock: Phobias http://www.pixel-pandemonium.com/?p=2926
  • 23:39:05: Hmmpf... Resident Evil 4 Mobile doesn't cover the whole game... They promise the rest in DLC, but... this game was released ages ago! D:ç
  • 23:42:27: @starlinex I wish FourSquare worked for my country.... D:
  • 23:50:16: WOOHOO! My backlog only has 11 games left! They are all RPGs though.... http://backloggery.com/games.php?user=tanukitsune&status=1&console=

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