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Just when I was returing from delivering a package I got a call for a job interview!

I had to hurry to make it in time to the interview...

Just in time.... To find out I made a mistake and arrived an hour early! Good thing it was a media mall, so it wasn't that bad, but I started to get bored after 30 minutes....

The people I met were interesting, one was an editor of an online gaming site, and another had a rock podcast...

It seems all interviews have some silly situational game thingie, this time, we had to pretend we were the only survivors of the apocalypse and that we were on a air ballon, that will crash if we don't throw someone out!

We each had a job and we had to decide whose job was less important, I was a fisherman... AGAIN!!!!

After this we kinda hung around for a while, and eventually left...

At the subway station I saw a homeless person, with a cell phone, charging it with the subway's power supply!!

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